The Dirty Muse

A soul landing!

Into the realm of new realities. An expression of exuberance. A flight into the great void of long journeyed lovers come from far away.

There was a launch from the past into the future, back and thru. West to east and a firm handshake of forgetfulness.

A great flight north blindly following an inspiration for humanity.

A strange concoction of emotions and thoughts that brought me out of myself, finally, again. Into everything all at once.

A revelation into the portals of change and coalesced beautification of a soul glowing with pontification. That and the desire for something real and present. Something new and full of actualized potential. Zang goes the meeting house.

We had wisdom flying all around us. His voice and dedication felt real.  Full of answers and solutions that lead to the greater heights of connection of all people. Deepened knowledge of what we were up against, what to do, and what it would take to keep going.

When we meet people we have the ability to combine efforts into far off directions. In that capacity for impact – is written what happens.

Taking up the task of sacrificing those efforts to the greater good of humanity grants the world a look inside your life and takes from it the very best you can offer with trouble accepting less.

A knowing is enlivened to a sense of already knowing what has been, what is now and what is to come. A wisdom of knowledge opened and contained in a space and yet somehow sent out as well.

A dance in the moment of exactly now.

A dance out of a limited way of understanding the self.

An electric dance of now!

Changes to the mind and heart. Ways of weakness in the race for greatness are transfigured to a strength.  Forgiveness and healing ensues. Justice prevails. I had met someone gifted in the ways of freedom.

Our capacities of functioning are beyond this mundane world. What we can do and know are limited until they aren’t.  Ways of living in harmony with the depth that humans have to know and to impact. The way that a soul can be set free from the body in times of rapturous connection to greet the great night of everything that is happening and find out in the deep unconscious what needs to be done. A wake up call to greater potential of sacrifice.

After a night of such an opening I raced home to paint. The bottom left of the painting came through with ease in my hand. When I say that, I mean just a simple movement of the wrist felt ecstatic. To let the hand be guided by intelligence and knowing beyond the conscious control. My hand felt liberated  enjoyment of expression. It was highly pleased with where it found itself.

The movement was simple and fast creating a kind of filing cabinet and also a kind of skyscraper in a strange land.  A heavenly place of knowledge and what felt like the only thing that is lasting and real, the recordings of soul activity.

There was a strong and matter of fact movement to paint the very cloaked, held back and hidden language of symbols. Hidden still in what I painted, seeming to represent a brick wall and a secret language that has shown itself in other paintings with equaled feelings of importance to me.   It felt like ancient codes of remembrance and change. It was the library of karma in action.

The Nefertiti like winged woman with her elegant flight home feeding herself and others from the berries she carries around her own neck. Lifetimes of knowledge and wisdom dripping from her ancient outstretched structure.

The tall golden skull, it was almost too difficult to paint in any other way than how it came out despite feeling its disappointment in lack of skill regarding such importance of what went on in that heightened dome. The feeling was of remembering I am a child to such a thing. The lines felt like they were representing stairways that go in both directions like electric currents. And also like many canoes that have come and gone crossing each others paths as they go.

An apartment as a purple box and learning the intense meaning of simplicity that can be so profound.

Visitations by great joyous muses of freedom and liberation brought me into the realm of shared existence, a cleaning up of selfishness, and showed me still deeper the dirtied world of heartache and existential angst, willing to go into the thick and gooey disheveling of a soul and pull from it a journey.

Right there with me was a great dome of wisdom reaching the heavens and putting it’s knowledge to work.  A muse that cleans up the space and mind muddled by confusion and despair of this world. A great opening into truth of shared paths brought about by shared space and time. It’s what we can do.

There’s so much more to say and so much more to do. From the green of day to the black of night.

Great capacities are found in the human mechanisms of connection with a furry of energies flying through the filing cabinets of our souls and breaking through to a new day.

We are powerful and we are here. May we enact the highest of our abilities and faculties to bring the best of humanity forward. Change is made every day by great powers seen and unseen. May we all learn how we can truly work together to make our lives and the lives in the future harmonious and healed and go in the books as having done all we can.