Out Even Further Now

The process of becoming something within this world is innate.  A natural push to exist. A mixture of what has already been, what is coming and who you are through it.

It is a way we twist and turn into the experiences of life and come out as something else. Transformed by time and effort.  The process of human development.

This ancient way of existence that has control of things. It pushes and prods us to get through. It can often be a painful process. Learning where to go and what to do. How to follow the natural flow towards becoming free.

Free to express and free to exist in a way that is beneficial to ourselves and the world. To a way that is fulfilling. If we’re lucky.

The voice is a gift in this creation of development. A real marvel. Something  simply amazing to possess. Mostly, things happen to people that takes their voice.

The voice often abused and reworked. Tricked and hijacked. The movement towards freedom of expression thwarted at every turn. A real fight to survive.

People are forced to change the way they express themselves. From very early. The truth they are experiencing. There is pressure to instead say the same things and speak in the same way. We mimic each other. We teach in every moment we’re in, trying to survive and be a part of the whole.  It is a fight to say things that are true and enlightening. Honest and needed.

We know life is fraught with challenges.  It pushes back on you and says no. It takes courage and conviction to keep pushing, to keep growing and becoming.  Something we all know but need to hear again and again. Grow, go on, grow – take flight.

The push back of not yet is a real thing. A conflict and a process to wrestle with.

Life on earth seems to have a natural tendency towards things. A coming alive after dormancy.

The process creates a new person to look out into the future and see anew.

The growing out of a glandular stage to the light of the day that permeates the places where you were stuck or confused in the dark wrestling with what was  and what is coming.

The loops felt like a clear, consistent and  connected conversation of different parts working together. Lineages and generations teaching of the relationship with the self.   A string of ancestors and guides that created the cocoon.

I called it OutEvenFurtherNow because it appeared to me almost like an index finger pointing forward to a next movement.  A next step in life.

The teaching of the self, both individual and collective, as part past, part future and in the moment of awakening to something new. A new way of thinking and speaking. A way of being in the world.  It felt like the finger was pushing in on the blue of the lotus assisting with its blooming.

It spoke of arrested development and of voice working through the dilemmas.

The green square that has appeared often in my work, many times before really taking notice to it,  is teaching of a field of creation we all have access to.  Great modern teachers of imagination speak of it as well. A place we enter and surrender to the ideas, answers and insights. The butterfly of transformation has a smile in happy anticipation.

The yellow brought joy to my eyes. The essence of it very alive.

There are some darker smudges on this painting, where green and blue mixed with the yellow. I felt the work of it being like mud of ignorance and struggle.

The mud being the reasons for these kinds of transformations. The very things that cause and sometimes force the desire and movement. The crisis of development.

There are phases and stages to life and in this painting I certainly felt the reality of myself existing in a space and time of transformation where many are, have been and continue to exist pushing us all forward through time.

We do it together, we do it alone and we do it with the interdependence of action. Movement that is necessary.

May we all keep learning how to grow here together.