Reformed Mother

I can’t help but see a woman with cat eyeglasses walking down the halls of eternity.

The painting started as a large woman in a red dress, her hair covered by a long red veil. You can no longer see any of that.  She felt like a mother superior kind of archetype.

This large looming figure was pulling a tree out of the ground that had been growing in the dark of the past.  An old world of punishment and criticism.

She lifted it and  moved it forward into the sun. I could see her twirling even if my paint hadn’t captured it.

After that scene I had mixed all the colors together creating the background of how it appears now.

Earlier in the day, I saw in my mind, images of  gold and crimson triangles floating together. It felt like salvation and endearing love entering the bloodstream.  It felt relieving to put it on the canvas. The gold of healing energy moving through this great mother.  I was happy to paint it and felt comfortable with its reality.  The known work to bring the best out of a situation.

The work of the past mingled with the energy of a new day and what it can do. What it sees. What it won’t stand for and what it can take no more of. Ripping the roots right out of the land of the past and raising it up to the sun. The source of nurturing guidance. A new way to interact with this world. The healing of the great mother in the psyche.

Putting color in  the triangles each one felt like a different personality. A continued expression of individuality in a state of togetherness. A feel of ancientness in continued effort.

There is a feel in this painting to me of the mother figure almost losing her balance as she takes a step – there are so many windows into the soul.  The weight of it hard to walk with but she does. The endearing love of a great mother.

Some of the windows are dirty though and rough around the edges. The blood has poured so much for them. The wars and the tattered clothes. The way of laypeople and their challenges in this world.

Pulling the tree out of the dark and moving it to the sun she wants to let the beautiful blue of the new sky show the way – recognizing the great power of the Holy Mother.

The way children born of her can let the sun shine on the poorest of us and the suffering. Her children that rule the day with their back breaking labor of the past. A great mother finds a way to nurture and guide her children where to find the best of themselves and how to walk in this world as hers.