I See It Now

Knowing there is something here and still coming. A continuous unfolding of right now and not yet.  The wait and see.

Wait with the moment. Give it space to swirl open and reveal itself. An energy that speaks a subtle language.

A feeling of it wanting to be known and waiting for its acceptance. Intense wisdom of the ages that we have access to. The very source of the energy that unfolds and reveals itself freely. The mystery.

The inspiration to continue moving to even more liberated states of knowledge and wisdom. The way to be together. This is an ancient passage way.

There are subtle vibrations that course through us. This wild magic mystery of things that seems to whisper. That knows. There is confidence and trust that it is very real and directs an individual experience within the collective and is seeking to bring individuals together in new ways.

This mystery has interest in the affairs of life and makes movements and choices. A tremendous speed. The movement of answers. Of what to do next. Of what comes next. Right now.

The collective course of action to achieve liberation for all people. The shared result of existence. The journey of humanity going through time and events that unravel the illusion of a separate self. I may play a small part, but we have tremendous abilities.

This story playing out of all these great lovers of humanity coming together, going through a process of merging, integrating, waiting and becoming something else.

This painting tells of a process.  Cloaked figures and the changing of time and the development of life. A Mother Mary figure, portals and figures telling of salvation, growth and transfiguration. Peace on the mountains and in the valleys. Great energies available to all people that inspire and invoke guidance and wisdom looking out and engaging with needed insight.

There are seeds sown and movement by grace. A felt sense of revelation and completion. The dark blue around the figure feeling like the earth itself. The yellow around the figures felt like living in the sun of the new day that is always coming. The what comes next

This painting felt like the continued development of inner freedom. Things we all know deeply and are connected to despite our seemingly separate experiences. This is our ingrained desire to live in liberation and recognize it in each other.