Existence At Once

This was painted in May of 2020, during the pandemic, the great pause of capitalism and the Black Lives Matter movement forward that had occurred.

A push forward with a mighty force to continue shining light onto the reality of  racism and hate in this country and in this world.  It was the year I learned just how sensitive I was to direct, real time messaging regarding the world and the collective power.

The day before George Floyd was killed I was overcome by a knowing that something was going to change the societal landscape and conversation regarding racism.   An uprising of black and brown skinned people to take back more power and control over the equity and safety of their lives. I was made aware of its importance and told of its coming.

Meditation, Buddhism, yoga and the work of liberation from the hands of illusion, as I practiced it, kept me in a space of observing and being present to everything all at once, right now, allowing the truth to be known. Feeling the vibrations in the air. Being with it. The information that is formed in space and time and moves about freely.

The information came through in voices from another place. A poetic whisper of the coming work of justice seekers and a teaching of the restraint that we will see despite the crimes that brought about the need for justice. The horrific nightmare of hatred and the long history and story of people restoring their faith together.

The incredible nature of people in charge to do terrible things and get away with it is done by the allowance of it. The power of protest one way we have in our capacity to stand up when needed.

The feeling of being outside of something I wanted to be in had me put a canvas on the easel to work through it.  I had met people closely involved in the movement  and the energy of its importance was apparent. I wanted to be there too.  My feet were struggling to go hit the streets and I needed to get there. The calling taking every bit of my attention.

To understand more deeply what was overtaking me I got quiet and waited. A crocodile came to mind. A great image of the bumps on the back of the crocodile passing before me in water.  The unconscious power sleeping within.

The ancient animal of primal, aggressive emotions, resilience and power. Unbridled feminine power, says Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews. I compulsively began painting the bumps I saw on its back and kept going following every instinct without stop for a number of hours.

Painting red, blue and gold over and over and feeling the emotions through of being held captive by these instincts of revolution while locked in a room. The energy of the world that gets moved around and shared. A very real felt sense of everything at once and forming a direct conversation with the willing.

The lower left began to feel like portals to former and younger versions of myself that had gained perspective and momentum looking ahead at what I knew was coming. A sense of me personally and individually but also the collective itself. It felt like the story of my own development, the development of all humans on their life journeys and also the universal and collective development as a whole.

The upper right feeling like the elder version of myself in the future as an old woman that had offered all she could. And right through the middle, the present, emerging and moving through the portals of transformation to sound the great OM of the conscious and unconscious realms of existence meeting each other. Moving as one with past and future in the collective movement towards greater awareness of ourselves.

The symbol was teaching me of itself. The natural development of time and place eternal by the actions of everything all together and the ability to choose how to enact its knowledge.

The OM symbol came through the painting at me before I painted it. Looking into the portal I saw it emerge from the painting. A great OM from the depths, calling for the reality to be known of our lives together in the often aggressive and transformative unconscious state that brings to consciousness what is truly here. Then, in the waking state, illusion is unveiled to experience the transcendental state of the non-physical realm where thoughts and emotions flow through our reality. Everything always moving and changing by every thought and deed.

I had been aware of the symbol for a long time. Chanting it and contemplating its meaning over years of practice. Understanding the totality of it. But painting it that day it came through and spoke to me of the depths of its meaning to the best that I could understand in that moment, beyond these words and just a knowing state we all often sit and stare at each other knowing.

Feeling the collective that is constantly awakening and transforming itself. Shedding the veil between the past and future that would come creating the speed of movement by  everything right now all the time. It lives within us, the power to change to reality.

That top right flame representing the transcendental state was filled with information of the veiled work of the collective to change itself.  Burning away the veil of mystery. It felt like the BLM movement itself in the transcended symbol as I painted it. The transcendental reality of transformation of the collective unconscious. So complicated to explain but it’s what is happening all the time.

The burning away of what was to reveal what will be. The bringing about of a new era where people would be even more aware of the things in the deep. The continued movement of people to be free and safe here together.  The unconscious instincts of humans that play a role in the deep control of fellow human beings in this veiled reality. The deep hatred of humans that still lingers in the dark coming further and again into the light of day.

BLM, like any movement to assist in ending suffering, is a collective tool to demand the world to pay closer attention to important matters. We are a world still very much dominated and ran by fascist and racist people working very hard to take liberation from others.  We exist as free as we are thanks to movements that protest and demand awareness and a joining together of collective power in people.

It was very necessary for the rise of BLM to occur and for race talks to continue where they had stopped or where the public was still not even aware of the issue and to at least discuss further what more work there was. All the things that were said during the surge in voices by BLM were necessary and still only a blip of yet another push to unveil truths living in people to degrees unknown.

The lineages of people still grappling with this worlds continued ignorance of suffering is what calls out for justice. There is no rest for these great works and it takes people to power them. This is what we are made of and made from. The energy to keep it moving.

We power this world and its happenings everyday with our actions or non actions. Suffering comes in many ways. Not only due to the color of skin but by social and economic situations, religious beliefs, sexual preferences, even they way we dress or enjoy life. There are ways we can end conflicts that are based on ignorance and that takes transformed perceptions.

The immeasurable damage done by white supremacy, xenophobia, colonization, patriarchal domination and greed. By ignorance of more true and deeply sacred ways of being human. The scars and wounds on the unconscious mind of the collective don’t quiet until heard, healed and prevented.

Here, in Burlington, there were marches every night through the city and an encampment in the city park to support BLM and raise the awareness of racism within the police force. I did get my feet there and march too. The momentum took over and every night from a few towns over I could feel the energy rising and needing to get myself there. Nights went by with paintings that involved a new world coming, a black sacred clown, paintings of rainbows calling an awareness to queer culture and also paintings of work being done by mutual aid groups in the city.

It was a time when a mutual aid group in the city started offering food and supplies to anyone that needed it. They are still feeding people daily today.

I moved to the city soon after. I couldn’t help but get myself here and be involved with mutual aid and the workings of a city engaged in radical and enlightened views of humanity.

The energy of people working together creates reality. We move it forward, no one else will do it. It is in our hands where the voices demanding justice land. The work of the world demands attention. Working with the energy and people demanding locked doors be opened along with closed minds to a new reality always being created.

In describing any of this it is really my desire to bring attention to our shared reality we feel and know.  Not just by social media, but the way energy and movements in the ether truly do move through us, inform us, and ask us to act. We are flowing in the same energy. We create it and move it, we deal with it from others. The want for society to find peace is a selfish and selfless desire. What we create in ourselves and in others is shared.