Deliberate Counsel

Everyday saints and Bodhisattvas are among us. They live and breathe around us. They are known by many for their good works. Can be counted on to pull through in miraculous ways. Seeing and living in inspiration.

Luckily the world is filled with living examples of people doing amazing things everywhere all of the time. Bringing answers and energy with great momentum.

People inspire each other. We connect and move beyond competition of survival and move into a state of service. We are reservoirs of great care and compassion for people and this planet. We can look and see and feel inspired by the miraculous things that occur in everyday actions.

This strong soul stuff pushes forward and connects with others in a way that plants seeds for a deeper humanity.  Plants new memories of someone that cares and knows. A way that is constantly working to rise up and move step by step to the victory won every day.

This painting was done after meeting an incredibly inspirational human being. A great power of conviction and energy pouring out.  The swirls of chakras containing information and an energy output of grand proportion. Far from perfected but certainly working hard to be.

The golden swirls felt like a conversation by great guides moving in and around us building momentum for actions that are mutually beneficial. It was a meeting of great energies connecting and mingling together. Great beings watching over us and drawing more in. Participation and knowledge in the bringing about of a new day with a creative evolution of ideas and potential.

The admission of great powers within us bringing together our voices and strength in action towards a better day, everyday.

It seemed important to use so much blue. Big open sky blue and vast oceans of blue. This man has a voice of change and clarity and can talk about great things. The red of the painting feeling like a wall or ledge to walk up to and jump from here to there. No fear and no hesitation.

Gold of a great sunrise and sunset.

If you turn this painting to the right it appears to look like a caterpillar going up stairs with silly clown shoes.  Dropping from his feet at every step is a beautiful fruit growing in the green fields of imagination and complete openness to potential.

His yellow mind of joy as he bobbles around finding his way.  The cherry on top. The white, if you look carefully, is in the shape of a woman climbing in and staring into that illuminated head.  Turned, the green mountains become his spine and a snake, the risen Kundalini. The life force energy pumping through the body.

The bubbles of blue each had their own personality it seemed. Shared colors, but still different, working together. I am happy painting, I disappear into a kind of trance where there are no thoughts and I follow every instinct. That night I won’t soon forget the absorption that I experienced in the process. It was truly ecstatic.

Thankfully people creating change and inspiring others exist, many of them, all working together. We are blessed by all of this work we do together that builds consistently and with just cause.

In celebration of all beings seen and unseen that look out over the world and care about the greater work we all do together. The power to keep going is all around us. We are a fine oiled machine of energy even if it looks like chaos and feels that way. We rebuild, regrow, change and impact. From this to that we are bound.

The harnessing of energies and directing the output to higher ideals and ideas for the benefit of all is a difficult task without beginning or end it seems. We just keep going,  recognize suffering, how it is caused and how to remedy. We are all those things.